La Sala Restaurant - Chigwell Road
La Sala Chigwell Road - Opening Hours

Woodford Green Restaurant & Bar

Having opened its doors to celebrities and the London elite back in 2014, the La Sala restaurant in Woodford Green, Essex is the only place to truly experience a night you’ll never forget.

From the minute, you walk through the doors, you’ll become enthused with the buzzing atmosphere that only the “Ultimate Social and Dining Experience” can provide, and which the La Sala brand is internationally renowned for.

So, come, sit back and relax with friends while your taste buds savour pure gastronomical perfection from our diverse menus of international food and traditional Spanish cuisine, or dance to live music from some of the most hit bands and artists around, while sipping our premium cocktails.

The Woodford Green La Sala restaurant is the true pinnacle of chic and style from its vivacious ambience to our delectable signature dishes and drinks.

Make your reservation, and experience the ultimate social and dining event, that your heart, body and mind will never forget!

Who We Are | La Sala Woodford Green Restaurant

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