A brand new event will launch at La Sala Chigwell on Friday 4th March – Pornstar Friday!

Since the opening of La Sala Chigwell Pornstar Martinis have become the top selling cocktail. No wonder, it’s also James Bond’s drink of choice. So how do you take one of the hottest cocktails and turn the heat up even more? You turn it into a Pornstar Friday Night, that’s how. Our Pornstar Friday is classy, refined and just a little bit wild.

Performing live that night is the stunning Stacey Lee and the talented CJ on sax, as well as our own DJ Mark E Strut on the decks, followed by the guest DJ George Mensah. Not only will we be serving our traditional Pornstar Martini, we will also feature XXL Pornstar Martinis of five different flavours to choose from.

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